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Current Projects

The focus of our activity has been to finalize the agreement to have the Ministry of Health supply at least 128 slice CT Scanner towards which we would fund US$ 200,000. Other projects at hand are to support with materials and equipment to manage the Covid Care process at the Teaching Hospital in Batticaloa.

The Present Position

Why patients are brought to The Teaching Hospital at Batticaloa ('THB')

Following are the main reasons why people come to the THB:

- Motor vehicle injuries.

- Bites and stings from stray dogs, wasps, bees, snakes and similaraccidental injuries.

- Bites and stings from stray dogs, wasps,

bees, snakes and similaraccidental injuries.

- Vision impairment.

- Maternity related mishaps.

- Congenital deformities.

Although we have the space and a modern facility, we still need more doctors, surgeons, trained nurses as well as more sophisticated equipment to better diagnose and treat patients.

An extraordinary need arose on Easter Sunday 2019 when over 100 seriously injured people were brought to this facility following the bomb blast of the fateful day in Sri Lanka in general and in Batticaloa. In particular, of the total number of patients that were brought to the newly constructed A&E, 26 were dead on arrival, another 5 died later. The majority were admitted and treated in the A&E unit and then transferred for more specialised treatment to hospitals in other parts of the country. There are some who have still not recovered from their serious injuries some never will.

The Foundation had hollow contentment from knowing that their efforts proved so useful and helpful in the crisis and the A&E unit came to the fore due to the demand for urgent help to those injured.

As an extension of our work a special concert was organised with help from Melbourne based Savoy Singers and guest artistes, Andrea Marr, Soundarie David Rodrigo and Rushan Hewawasm.

In excess of US$ 24,000 was raised and through joint venture between Brandix Lanka Ltd and our Foundation to pay for a Tamil speaking well qualified Psycho Social Counsellor that we brought out from India, for a three month stint at providing Psych Social Counselling and training at THB.

There is also an ongoing commitment to share with Brandix Lanka Ltd the cost of specialist medical surgeries in helping Rebecca (skin grafting) and Debbie (loss of sight) improve their condition.

The Way Forward

In 2020, The Foundation modified its goals to be one of a supportive and consultative organisation and not one that will undertake a whole new project.

Rather than building new resources we intend to assist with the maintenance of the existing facility we have helped to construct and ensure long term sustainability.

We have pledged a contribution of US$ 200,000 towards the procurement of a ‘state of the art’ CT Scanner with at least 128 slice.

We also intend to continue supporting financially the supply of essential spare parts for the machinery and equipment in the facility as called for from time to time.

There is also an intention to continue the provision of training and development of key staff at the nursing level and the exchange program between Wangaratta Hospital in Victoria and THB. This is planned to continue each year going forward.

Making Contributions

Please get in touch with us to find out how to donate

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Sri Lanka

Commercial Bank of Sri Lanka
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