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The teaching hospital in Batticaloa, Sri Lanka is in desperate need of a multislice helical CT system capable of generating at least 128 slices. The hospital currently has a 14-year-old machine that generates 4 slices and is in constant need of repair.

Due to the high volumes which the hospital cannot manage, patients are being transported by ambulance to nearest hospitals at Kalmunai and Ampara which are over 40 kms away from Batticaloa.

Importance of a CT Scanner

Importance of a CT scanner

A CT Scanner (Computerised Tomography scanner) uses computers and rotating X-Ray machines to create cross sectional images of the body.

These images enable physicians to detect, analyse and treat:

- Neurological disorders.
- Vessel damage.
- Cardiac irregularities.
- Chest injuries.
- Liver damage.
- Dental damage.

It is a vital tool in obtaining detailed images of the body non-invasively for diagnostic purposes.


Cost of the machine is circa US$ 65­0,000 based on tender prices received. This is inclusive of installation and training of staff.

The Government of Sri Lanka is truly short of foreign exchange, but special cabinet approval has been obtained by the Ministry of Health. We induced the decision by making a pledge to provide US$ 200,000 towards the cost if the procurement was accelerated.

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